On behalf of Chocolate Bamboo productions (CB) we are very excited to work with you. Our company will work diligently and in a timely manner to accommodate your needs and your artistic endeavors. Before moving forward there are a couple of guidelines that need to be addressed. Please take the time to review this document carefully.
 Before the Project 
➊ 20% deposit must be made to SECURE YOUR DATE AND PRICE. (Non-Refundable)
➋ Payment for the project must be made in full on or before the project begins.
➌ Plans for each project will be discussed through email, Text, or Instant messaging before the project begins.
➍ The project must be approved along with the invoice before any work on the project will be done.
➎ Prices and any accommodations (including discounts/sales) will be discussed before the starting of the project.
➏ For each project, there will be a contract that must be signed by the client before starting on the project.
➐ Projects must be discussed at length before approval of the project. Everything will be discussed about the project so there is no confusion on both the client’s part and CB productions.
 During the Project 
➊ After all projects, invoices and contracts have been approved through email only then will the project begin.
➋ Once the project has started, any other additions to the project or any changes will be priced accordingly.
➌ Any additions to the project according to CB will lead to a change in the contract that must be signed before the final product is made
➍ Payment for the project must be made before the final product is made.
➎ Once the final product is made any changes to the project will lead to a change of contract and possibly a change in price.
After the project 
➊ Payment must be obtained before the project is released
➋ The project may be viewed by the client but will not get released to the client before the final payment has been sent.
➌ Once the project is released to the client no additional changes will be made.
➍ Once the project is released to the client. Any changes to the project will lead to a different contract and a different amount of payment.
➎ If payment is not obtained from the client, final projects will not be released and there will be no refund on any previous payments made.
➏ Once the client receives the final product, chocolatebamboo productions must be credited on all social media platforms upon post by being tagged in the description of the post. This will include but not limited to 
Instagram : @chocolatebamboo 
Twitter : @cbamboopro 
Facebook : chocolatebamboo 
CB would like to thank you again for your time and cooperation. If you have any questions please email us at chocolatebamboo12@gmail.com and we will get back with you shortly.
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